Eradicating Poverty in our Lifetime

Rev Dr Irene Goldberg MiNDTV taping Eradicating PovertyWelcome fellow earthlings.  I was asked to speak last week on the possibility of eradicating poverty in my lifetime! I evaluated poverty from many angles until I saw poverty as a state of mind; a mindset, poor in spirit, lacking love and light, lacking vision, struggling to be unconditionally loving, full of pain — physically, mentally and spiritually.

All the while, as the Earth slowly shifts on her axis, a new dawn, a new era, a new vibration is occurring around us– an evolution of sorts on many fronts– where Love and Light prevail with abundance, ease, and joy.  Herein is the opening to eradicating poverty in my lifetime.

  • Are you with me?
  • Are you ready to take a stand to participate fully in eradicating poverty?
  • Will you be among the species that not only survives the energetic shift that’s occurring but thrives and fulfills the Age of Aquarius?

Here is the prayer I invoked at the completion of the interview. Please anchor the declaration within yourself by tapping your collarbone or wrist or anywhere on your body as you read it. If you can, read it aloud.

Let us pray.  Mother Father God-Creator, Universal Source, All Beings of Good, we call you in with gratitude and thanks.

We, beings of the human sort, acknowledge we have served poverty far too long . . .

  • poverty of Love has left us in lack, barren of hope and faith,
  • poverty of Spirit has left us struggling, struggling for identity and purpose, disconnected from Spirit & our Soul purpose,
  • poverty of our Physical Body and Mind have left us pain-filled with unexpressed emotions, past-based and current , of regret, homesickness, frustration, anger, grief…

O’ Spirit, we co-creators avail ourselves to the wisdom of Universal Source, and ask it to free us from lack struggle and pain that has been the underpinnings of poverty for centuries, millennia.

We declare that we are One with Source and reorient ourselves to speak, live and give from our Soul’s purpose… to bring Love where it is missing, Light where there is darkness.

We now take our true path, the path of connectedness, back home to Oneness with Universal Source, as Co-Creators, arising anew in the paradigm of Abundance Ease and Joy.

  • And so we give thanks, O’ Spirit, for the release of all previous vows of poverty, ours and our ancestors… of lack struggle and pain—they are rescinded, recanted, renounced, deconstructed, uncreated.
  • And so we give thanks O’ Spirit, as we align, choose, re-invest ourselves, our energies, our thinking, our hopes and dreams, as One with Universal Source, All Knowing, All Wise, to thrive in the new paradigm, the energies of Abundance Ease and Joy.
  • And so we give thanks O’ Spirit Source of All that Is, forevermore, we shall live in this budding Age of Aquarius, as affluent, sufficient, full of grace, love and joy, having what is ours to enjoy to overflowing onto our families, communities, societies and Gaia herself.

And So together we say,

So Be It,   It is so, we declare the eradication of poverty.  Amen.