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formerly Renee Blanken Singer, founder and creator of ABW, is a baby boomer-- vital and alive -- living with her beloved husband and partner, Steve, overlooking the Riverfront of Wilmington, DE, USA. 

Here is our story.  It's a process of becoming aware, awake and alive. 

Irene received her Doctorate in Divinity in Interdisciplinary Studies, 2008, at age 60, and currently practices as a Physician of the Soul, consulting people in being their divine, creative selves in their everyday experiences and challenges; officiating at wedding ceremonies of all races and genders, blessings and last rites, funerals, click to her site     and as Steve's business partner.

"Doctor, heal thyself."

After many years of suffering pain and fatigue, Dr. Irene looked to her foods, air, water and home products to restore herself. In the process of regaining her own health she put her attention on GAIA.  

Dr. Irene says, "The hardest part was realizing I'd compromised my immune system leaving me vulnerable to mold, parasites, microbes and free radicals.  Allopathic methods were of no use to me at this point.  I researched and found alternative approaches to health."


Add simple things like water filters, air filters, organic foods. It's a start.

Add EMF - electromagnetic fre- quency radiation protection chips. 

"We are the keepers of our bodies, we get one life in this earth suit.  Given the right care and attention, our earth suit, like GAIA, will succeed in life.   Gratefully,  I learned how to self-care.  Married to the man of my dreams, I intend to play with him for a long time to come.  I am truly blessed to have a life I love and a great partner to live it."

Attain Balance Worldwide, headquarters in Wilmington, DE, sponsored by Goldstores Online,   contact: for more information.

Replace old cleaning products with chemical-free ones.  

Get your immune system working and add in raw foods and supplements. 

Become your own doctor using your allopathic as a consultant.

Replace pharmaceuticals for homeopathic and natural plant extractions.

Let your food be your medicine. Eat organic, chemical- and hormone-free foods.

Do moderate exercises daily.

Replace bad habits in your speaking and actions.

"We eat organic -- mostly veggies and fruits -- with some organically raised meat.  I am conscious of my 'self' talk & speak lovingly to myself and others.

"I speak my gratitude, counting each blessing everyday. I speak my truth and forgive myself and others."                                            

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