Attain Balance Worldwide
having a world that works for everyone with no one, nothing left out

creating   OPPORTUNITY    POSSIBILITY             ACTION

As stewards of our Mother Earth, GAIA, from whence we've come as Spirit in Earthsuits, we can restore Her health and our own. It is now urgent. 

*Learn to heal yourselves, give thanks and release with forgiveness.  Maybe, it is time to stop medicating and start meditating!!!!!

*Learn to adjust our living standards to fit a 'carbon footprint'<*> that works for everyone -- the future generations need this.

*Be the fulfillment of your Soul's journey, your Earthsuit's lessons of loving-- the future generations are counting on us.

*Be a champion of Social Justice,  Environmental Sustainability and Spiritual Fulfillment -- the future generations are depending on us.

Dr. Irene says, "Let's recover our natural  wisdom to ensure the creation of healthy offspring, and natural resources for a future that will work for everyone.  Let us work together, united!"

Our Gaia Project

Visit THE PLEDGE page for details, click.  We invite you, your organization or community to take it on as your own.  Only as ONE will we leave our children's children's children a legacy of:

*clean air to breathe,

*clean water to drink,

*organic foods to eat,

*clean fueled cars and

*healthy homes   



"Consider that our loving, our existence, our future and the future of the planet for the next seven generations depend on us NOW.  We are the ones.  We are ready.  The
time is now.  We can do it.  The Mother depends on us.  And we will fulfill the prophesy that the time has come. NOW."

Attain Balance Worldwide, sponsored by Goldstores Online, contact: for more information on creating Our GAIA Project in your community.


healthy EARTH 

clean WATER    

clean AIR

We require a multitude of elements to be healthy, vibrant and prosper. Our Earthsuits hold elements found in our universe.  We are complex beings and nature is our greatest resource for healthy living.  The sooner you ingest foods taken from the Earth, the more nutrients you receive. "Let your medicine be your foods and your foods your medicine."

Become an Advocate of Your Health 

Our children rely on us to challenge our leaders to protect our natural resources. Mother Earth, GAIA, will provide the resources as long as we fulfill our end of the bargain... to be good stewards of this magnificent creation.  We have collected and continue to find new products that will:

*Keep our bodies in a natural state of health (alkaline), vibrancy and peace

*Challenge us to live within our means...our carbon footprint<*>, and save resources for future generations

"We expect no less from ourselves. It is up to us. We need to honor our word and take committed actions."

<*>your carbon footprint is the amount of energy (resources) we consume every second, every minute, every hour, every day in our lives. Air, water, fuel, al.

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