Attain Balance Worldwide
having a world that works for everyone with no one, nothing left out



Make a Difference  -- Be counted.  Own this for yourself and share it with everyone who'll listen. 

Pledge to take mindful, committed actions every day to insure the future of our planet, our home, while leaving a legacy for the next 7 generations and beyond.

The Four Agreements - By Miguel Ruiz




If you learned that you are using your grand children's portion of water, air and other natural resources, would you alter your life

Dr. Irene and her husband learned this and it changed their lives:

* Moved from 4,000 sq ft home/ offices to a 1500 sq ft.

* Went from two to one car


"Being a mindful steward of the planet awakens us to much more.  Our health and activity on this soaring earth are vital parts of the whole of the Universe.  Join millions today who are awakening to claim their part in a sustainable environment our great great great great great great grand children are asking us to do NOW. NOW --  We are the ones.  It is our time, it is up to us."   visit NEW OPTIONS click

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REPEAT AFTER ME:            "I VOW TO ..."

I vow to do my part, and in so doing, I will improve my health and well being as well as GAIAs.

I will take one or more of these actions daily:

[] consume local foods grown in chemical free soil

[] manage to use less energy to heat or cool my home and office

[] use environmentally friendly cleaning and personal care products

[] drive economically, using clean fuels that cause the least harm to us and GAIA.

[] compost wherever possible, disposing of trash and recyclables responsibly

[] purify your drinking water  replace plastic bottles with stainless steel.


Be the first in your neighborhood to insist on recycling.  The world's landfills and oceans are quickly filling with trash!!!

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