Being Divine in Everyday Experiences and Challenges: Loving into the New Paradigm

My Title for this Blog is:  Loving into the New Paradigm…  which triggers for me the book,  Love in the Time of Cholera !

I am not alone when I assert that we are moving out of the old paradigm of Lack, Struggle and Pain… For centuries we have persisted in this darkness only peaking out of it for brief periods of awareness that a higher vibration can collectively be enjoyed.  We are facing the tipping point of the collective vibration of loving in abundance, ease and joyfulness.  There is enough gravity to the new paradigm for it to tip into full gear within this century and beyond.  And we have work to do to manifest this heaven on earth, as was always intended.

First,   let us be willing to acknowledge what we were born into:

  • lack of love/loving, scarcity thereof;
  • struggle to be loved/stay loving/attract love/hold onto love;
  • pain of fearful moments, memories, disappointment, sacrifice,   until you are willing to confront it and ask:
  • shall I trust love again …
  • I now renounce lack, struggle and pain

Step into:   I am love… You are love   … Let’s love…  Abundance, Ease and Joy!

Have I mentioned Patterns yet?  … Cycles, ways of being that get triggered and leave us in conditioned behaviors we repeat over and over… they are not new to us, in fact, they are so familiar that people know you as them… just ask your siblings.

Patterns trigger old survival mechanisms, behaviors, emotions, around events and memories stored in our Brain’s Amygdala, Hippocampus, Mid-brain … the parts of our brains that house links back to our ancestors’ everyday experiences and challenges and their pressing fears. When we  relinquish the emotions attached in those links, we  alert the links to release the patterns. Then we are free.

Pattern Recognition… there’s power in being aware.  Let me tell you a short story: I’m married to a race car enthusiast and trained race car driver. However, I would become irrationally wary of his maneuvers from time to time after seeing a turquoise car speeding past us on the highway or sitting in a parking lot, I would feel my heart start thumping loudly, my adrenaline on “warning: danger, danger”. I recently observed it as a triggered  Pattern – repetitive fear-based emotions, feelings attached to a memory you may not even recall, showing up by something in the present.

Finally, this event showed up. It’s a beautiful Spring day, 1966 – I am with four friends. My best friend Ev is driving on the Washington, DC Beltway, pressing the gas pedal way past the 75MPH posted speed limit to 90 MPH. We are in her Dad’s Buick convertible, top down, the girls jabbering, music blaring, Ev smoking a cigarette. We are racing back to Maryland University, College Park Campus, to attend our 2 o’clock classes. Ev’s Turquoise/White Buick speeding in and out of traffic, passing car after car, breaking every rule, I am silent … except for my thumping heart rate, adrenaline rushing through me. We arrived safely to our destination, and I never drove with Ev again. The unexpressed terror I experienced in that 25 minute ride was etched in my psyche to play over and over again for years.  A “Pattern”.

Why clear your Patterns?  Why be reactivated every time you see a “turquoise car”?  I want to be free to experience fully the vibration we are dwelling in, the New Paradigm: Loving in Abundance Ease and Joy.

Taking on being my truth, living in a state of Loving and Light: Abundance, Ease and Joy, this I vow. I am aware of this wonderful energy arising, the new paradigm we are becoming present to as members of the Gaia Family, Mother Earth and all her beings. Keeping this vow isn’t easy, is it?

I am doing my best to break the links, the “pings” my old patterns use to drop me back into the lower vibration.  I use EFT, Tapping, with myself and my clients to re-experience emotions of Lack, Struggle and Pain associated therein. Thanks to this awareness I’m a more comfortable passenger with my beloved husband, and I’ve noticed other pings that alert me about false danger I needn’t be experiencing while traveling by car.

So I ask you, fellow traveler, what pinged you today? Your boss, co-worker, husband, wife, partner, daughter, son, a turquoise car? Tell your truth, find your freedom. Keep tapping…