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Being Divine in Everyday Experiences & Challenges: DOUBT

Doubt, conflicting feelings and thoughts on something you want. Akin to fear, it is the undoing of love energy.

Earlier this month I read Nick Ortner’s (TheTappingSolution.com) newsletter about doubt. Then I looked around me. I saw my beloved husband not feeling himself. He said he felt light-headed and nauseous as he went to sleep Friday night. He remained that way until Sunday mid-day, when I’d had enough of seeing ‘doubt’ and ‘dread’ emanating from his body.

I finally suggested he sit down next to me and have a private session to discover where doubt had displaced his divinity. We tapped the emotions of doubt and dread  and he left the chair restored to his loving, glowing, adventurous self. But it wasn’t to be a one-walked dog, as I found out over these last 10 days.  The symptoms returned… he was experiencing waves of nausea and being light-headed.  Yet one thing had changed… we weren’t afraid of the symptoms and just kept talking them away.  I am so grateful that we trusted trapping, assured our conversations would unconceal his real concerns.

So, my Beloveds, what about “Doubt”… it’s pervasive and invasive and it moves Love and Light right out of view.  Are you doubting yourself, your decisions, your actions…  Use your morning silence to uncover your self-talk; have you been doubting yourself saying:

  • why am I so tired… is Love/Loving available to/from me?
  • I feel so let down, is Light guiding me?
  • do I  long for love and joy in my life — it seems missing?
  • am I being the One I am seeking?
  • Am I doubting myself or being my best Self?

Wake up.  Be aware of who is leading you around… EGO…your critical voice/good girl-boy,  or your Soul, your divine self and it’s purpose.  Which questions are guiding you?

As we settle into the new energies of Abundance, Ease and Joy and release ourselves from Lack, Struggle and Pain, I ask you, “So what patterns of behavior have you noticed displace your being the higher vibration and trigger you back to the old energy paradigm of lack, struggle and pain. Be a detective, find out where mediocrity showed back up? Where did that old familiar habit of self-doubt, frustration, anger sweep over and capture you from being your Soul’s purpose?”

With or without our awareness, at every moment we are choosing consciously or unconsciously, doubt (or another emotion where fear resides) OR abundant, easy, joyful Love and Light … asked another way, so who chose who you were today at that meeting, on that date or phone call with your sibling, parent, lover, friend, co-worker … your ego-personality with its critical voice or good girl/boy act or the Soul ? Remember: be awe-inspiring, your glory, abundance, ease and joy.

  • Today,  I AM Abundance, full of Love and Light!
  • Today,  I AM Ease and loving with everyone!
  • Today,  I AM Joy, Peace, Grace!

Blessings my darlings.  Comments are welcome.