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Being Divine in Everyday Experiences and Challenges?? Siblings… Family

Oh Goody! Thanksgiving is coming. Christmas Holidays are just ahead. And all the family issues are beginning to surface. “I hope I won’t have to sit next to Uncle Joe, he’s a bit grabby.” “I wonder if Riva will be there, oh I hope she goes to her family this year.” The scenarios come tumbling out of our heads without prompting.

Family, what a wonderful learning ground for being human, being a divine being having a human experience. My original family circle has been a continuous learning experience for me. I’ve discovered that siblings can trigger us back to being 4 years old, 14 years old, as easily as a snort at Thanksgiving dinner or the usual outburst at the annual family Christmas/Hanukkah /Kwanzaa gathering (I can’t seem to call it a “celebration.”). Why is it that family members mostly sees us as our younger selves. Why don’t we let go of grudges or disappointments (we can tap them away). Siblings (including siblings-in-law) can be the most taxing, irritating, unfulfilled relationships we have. And the most fulfilling, invigorating, joy-filled ones as well.

The reverberations of sisterhood                                                                                          Keep in mind, being divine in everyday experiences and challenges is a promise, a journey, not an outcome. Each day I learn what it means to honor Soul, and accept this life as Her opportunity to have the human experience.

In July 2008, within weeks of earning a Doctorate of Divinity, in Interdisciplinary Studies, my sister called me very upset. The telephone conversation ended abruptly when she pronounced, “I never want to speak to you again, you’re dead to me” in response to what I shall never really know. Given little dialogue occurred, I was given few clues as to what had triggered my sister’s final words before I heard the dial tone. I felt a missing… a missing sister, for good or bad, she was and is my sister. The absence affected me these last 7 years as I have been discovering what a Dr. of Divinity is, how she be’s, wonders, stands for herself and others; who a Master of Love and Light could be, as I have expanded into being “Physician of the Soul”.

And there was also the ‘vow’ I took sixty-six years ago, when my mom placed my baby sister in my arms, she said, “Irene, you must promise to look after your sister always and in all ways.” “Yes, Mother, I will.” I took that role seriously. What was I supposed to do now that she severed our bond of sisterhood. I prayed, I forgave myself and I forgave her–over and over again, and then some more. I prayed for healing.

Gratitude forborrowed benefits, EFT “tapping” with my client                   October 17, 2015, the morning of a wedding celebration my entire family was attending that evening, my client came to session presenting with prostate issues and a huge financial goal to achieve before his fiscal year’s end. The treatment I provided centered on the pelvis area where both the First Chakra, energetically known as the family of origin center/including membership in one’s work family, and the Second Chakra, energetically known as the sexual center of the human body, in my client’s case, intercourse as in negotiation, mutual contemplation, collaboration with his new partners, reside.

I said, “Ready to relieve this old pattern.” “Yes, I’m ready,” client. said. “Good”, I said, “Let’s tap through the issues you’ve revealed in our session. How wouId you rate the pressure 0-10?” He said, “8”. I said, “Repeat after me:

“Karate Chop Even Though I have this pressure in my pelvis, I deeply love and honor where I am at. Even Though I have this meeting next week to report on my division’s efforts with the new partners and the pressure in my pelvis is a concern, I deeply honor my process. Even Though I want more time in the field which would require me to renew my assistant’s contract for which I need the new partners’ endorsement, I feel pressure, and I deeply and completely honor my self and my needs.

Eyebrow        the pressure
Side of Eyes the pressure in my pelvis
Under Eyes   I need this assistant to stay on through the year, I feel pressured. I insist.
Under Nose I need the new partners to get my value and needs
Chin                  I’m not used to fighting for what I want, but I might have to.
Collarbone   This pressure in my pelvis, my lower back
Under Arms  Oh the pressure
Top of Head   I feel pressure through my chest, stomach and pelvis.”

“Good, now breathe deeply and if the pressure hasn’t slipped below 3-4 – let’s repeat the above series [changing the wording as needed to attend all my client’s concerns and issues]. Okay, it’s 3 or less, repeat after me:

Eyebrow        I am ready to release the pressure in my first & second Chakras
Side of Eyes  I am ready to release any fears I have
Under Eyes   I am ready to state my case and get what I need to be successful in this family
Under Nose  I am ready to release any harm my thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, points-of-view,past experiences have rendered me at the effect of this pressure, what is it speaking to me
Chin                I am listening, yes, I am one with my self, I am one with my family, I am one with my work family
Collarbone   I am a respected, honored partner, participant
Under Arms I release all concerns and abandon fears of lack, struggle, pain and suffering
Top of Head  I take on my role as Love and Light, being Abundance, Ease and Joy with all whom I interact with [work and home] family.

Eyebrow        I am Soul Purposed to bring love where it is missing and light where it is dark. My ego/personality works in support of my Soul
Side of Eyes  I am One with All.
Under Eyes   I am One with Universal Source
Under Nose  I am one with family
Chin                  I am One with my partners
Collarbone   My well being is whole, complete
Under Arms I negotiate powerfully, and I am honored
Top of Head I stand for the best will be done

“Good, now put your hands on your Heart Chakra and repeat a prayer of gratitude…” My client. left my office absent of pressure, relaxed.

Once alone, I noticed pressure in my own pelvis– sharp and radiating. I’m often affected by tapping I do at sessions. So I knew something powerful was at play. It almost took my breath away. I breathed into it as it spread like an orgasm radiating through my pelvis. I had no time to process it, I had to prepare for the evening ahead. Gratitude to my client, I had obviously shifted something that would be revealed in time.

When you are free, anything is possible.                                                                                     My sister and I were cordial upon seeing each other after the marriage ceremony. Obligatory hugs were exchanged and a few words spoken.

Although we were at the “family table” I purposely sat too far to talk. During dinner the bride’s younger sister gave a heart-felt toast sharing how precious their sister-moments had been over their lifetime. It made me yearn for my sister. Later in the evening I had come off the dance floor to catch my breath when my sister slipped into the chair next to me. I instantly snuggled closer. She moved in closer too encircling her arms around me. I held back tears as she began to speak from her heart for the first time in 7 years. With love and respect, she talked and talked, sharing about the pattern that had driven her way. She professed her honor for me as her big sister, as a fellow human traveler grappling with being human. It was the truce I had hoped for, a “Hallelujah” moment captured by the wedding photographer and noticed by other family members in the room. I was elated.

Patterns of Limiting Beliefs                                                                                                       Every Soul takes a human body within a family unit, each with its own dramas, traumas, tragedies, comedies, joy, laughs and pains. The Ego/Personality is only interested in our individual survival. Many events may trigger a pattern, your parents, grandparents, great great great…well you know where I’m going with this… an old family patterns leave us responding as a child would.

Getting free of patterns is the key to living in harmony, peace and joy.              But getting to their roots ain’t easy. Patterns link within our brain’s network of synapses, attaching to cultural, familial, religious limiting [false] beliefs which can be triggered very easily. Unexpressed, repressed, depressed emotions keep them in place. Once we’re triggered, something relays through the brain to an earlier similar event, emotion or feeling, fear-based in the old paradigm of lack, struggle, pain and suffering. Love goes missing, darkness prevails.

Thank goodness, my sis called a truce, opening her arms to me, and I’m thrilled. Hurray. Yet that action also unconcealed what I had been silent to for all those years. Following the truce, I spent three days crying, weeping, sobbing at times, running a fever off and on. I centered in on whisking the patterns to smithereens. Seeing the untruths my ego/personality insisted I should “know” about myself, beliefs that made me doubt myself as a Master of Love and Light. As a doctor of divinity, having a part of myself stuck in the sisterhood patterns has had its impact on my self expression and has broadened my wisdom. Owning Soul Purpose is to know we might hit some bumps in the road and they will provide the greatest lessons of all.

So let’s face it. Look at the bigger picture…our world family We get triggered. We get upset. We could even disappear these patterns but don’t. People are too used to declaring war with someone within their family unit, network of friends, some aspect within community (police!), some country we disagree on oil rights. Aren’t we always reacting to conditions we’ve inherited and accepted as our own? Some patterns may be two centuries or more old. So why wage war at all? Some will say, “It’s part of the human factor.” Maybe it’s time to stop and question that motive.

• War is not a conclusion, it is a choice to live by the old paradigm of lack, struggle, pain and suffering.
• Opt for partnership, oneness, being whole and complete as part of Universal Source.
• Own the patterns of ego/personality, the human survival mechanism that argues against Soul’s purpose to have you be the best YOU you can be.
• Commit to being a masterful divine human. Commit to practice eliminating patterns.
• Engage the Ego/Personality to act in harmony with the Soul, taking if off MUTE.
• Unmute and listen to the Soul messages… Spirit awaits you.
• There is always Tapping to untangle the network of connections..

I’d love to hear your comments.
From Love and Light, anything and everything is possible. Blessings, Irene

Contact Info
We each have a golden opportunity to express our Soul’s intention to bring love where it is missing and light where it is dark and living this human experience and its challenges with abundance, ease and joy.

Dr. Irene resides in Wilmington DE with her beloved husband, Steve and their cat, Jai Jai as in Om Jai Jai Sai Maa (I honor the divine in you and me). Dr. Irene does client sessions and group sessions in person or by phone or Skype. For an initial free consultation, please email her at attainbalance@gmail.com or text/cell 267-456-4156. The initial inquiry is 30 minutes. You get to choose having an unconditionally loving and nurturing Mother addressing your road blocks to your highest good being realized.

Being Divine in Everyday Experiences & Challenges: DOUBT

Doubt, conflicting feelings and thoughts on something you want. Akin to fear, it is the undoing of love energy.

Earlier this month I read Nick Ortner’s (TheTappingSolution.com) newsletter about doubt. Then I looked around me. I saw my beloved husband not feeling himself. He said he felt light-headed and nauseous as he went to sleep Friday night. He remained that way until Sunday mid-day, when I’d had enough of seeing ‘doubt’ and ‘dread’ emanating from his body.

I finally suggested he sit down next to me and have a private session to discover where doubt had displaced his divinity. We tapped the emotions of doubt and dread  and he left the chair restored to his loving, glowing, adventurous self. But it wasn’t to be a one-walked dog, as I found out over these last 10 days.  The symptoms returned… he was experiencing waves of nausea and being light-headed.  Yet one thing had changed… we weren’t afraid of the symptoms and just kept talking them away.  I am so grateful that we trusted trapping, assured our conversations would unconceal his real concerns.

So, my Beloveds, what about “Doubt”… it’s pervasive and invasive and it moves Love and Light right out of view.  Are you doubting yourself, your decisions, your actions…  Use your morning silence to uncover your self-talk; have you been doubting yourself saying:

  • why am I so tired… is Love/Loving available to/from me?
  • I feel so let down, is Light guiding me?
  • do I  long for love and joy in my life — it seems missing?
  • am I being the One I am seeking?
  • Am I doubting myself or being my best Self?

Wake up.  Be aware of who is leading you around… EGO…your critical voice/good girl-boy,  or your Soul, your divine self and it’s purpose.  Which questions are guiding you?

As we settle into the new energies of Abundance, Ease and Joy and release ourselves from Lack, Struggle and Pain, I ask you, “So what patterns of behavior have you noticed displace your being the higher vibration and trigger you back to the old energy paradigm of lack, struggle and pain. Be a detective, find out where mediocrity showed back up? Where did that old familiar habit of self-doubt, frustration, anger sweep over and capture you from being your Soul’s purpose?”

With or without our awareness, at every moment we are choosing consciously or unconsciously, doubt (or another emotion where fear resides) OR abundant, easy, joyful Love and Light … asked another way, so who chose who you were today at that meeting, on that date or phone call with your sibling, parent, lover, friend, co-worker … your ego-personality with its critical voice or good girl/boy act or the Soul ? Remember: be awe-inspiring, your glory, abundance, ease and joy.

  • Today,  I AM Abundance, full of Love and Light!
  • Today,  I AM Ease and loving with everyone!
  • Today,  I AM Joy, Peace, Grace!

Blessings my darlings.  Comments are welcome.


Being Divine in our Everyday Experiences and Challenges

Beloved, I was asked by one of my clients to guide a group of her women friends in a conversation for being divine.  It is such a joy for me. Each woman brings her own take on manifesting herself as Goddess — as her Soul’s purpose — igniting her curiosity and allowing it to take shape.

I’ve invited us to explore who we are. I said, “We aren’t who I thought we were: a body/mind. We are a Soul, an eternal energy, lent to a Human Body and its Mind for a lifetime of the human experience. The Soul is pure Love, here to expand the human experience.”

Together we tease out what it means to co-mingle the human beings’ aspects of “being-doing-having” and the Soul’s purpose to bring light where there is darkness — to bring love where love isn’t. Each of us is choosing different avenues to maneuver our divine Universal Being, our Soul/Goddess, in our everyday experiences and challenges.

“Who is the Goddess?” asked Laura M this week. What a great question and one of many I have dwelt in since 1969 when my friend Marilyn C called to say her husband, pilot Roy, had been killed when his helicopter carrying wounded soldiers was shot down in Vietnam. We were only 22 !   I cried, whaled really…knowing my own husband was in harm’s way,  Who am I? What is my life for? Could this be all there is?

Is That All There Is, sung by Peggy Lee, 1969

Is that all there is?
Is that all there is?
If that’s all there is my friends
Then let’s keep dancing
Let’s break out the booze and have a ball
Who or what was the inner voice that captured my heart and was beckoning me from time to time. When stillness prevailed and my mind stood quiet, I heard Her. The Goddess was awakening and my connection to Spirit was forming shape.

Now 45 years later, I listen for the voice within me …God, Spirit, Allah, Jesus, Shekinah… whomever She is called, whispering her love for me, ushering in new ideas and readying me for new opportunities. Pure love enveloping me and inviting me to play full out in bringing love and light, abundance, ease and joy into life… into this world too long suffering in lack, struggle and pain.

… more to come.