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Waking into Despair

I assert that people can not or do not discern their own feelings and emotions from the “crowd’s” feelings and emotions.  And we get caught up in the negative feelings we have absorbed from the environments we frequent.  In my case,  I “feel” the despair or angst or whatever of my “kingdom”.

Are you recognizing the feelings into which you are awakening? Are those feelings yours?

My early morning practice is to sit in meditation on my balcony 18th floors above the Christina and Delaware Rivers. I first sit in awe of Mother Nature. Then I allow myself to fully take in my vista view of the City of Wilmington, of the most south/eastern part of Pennsylvania and south Jersey in the distance across the Delaware River. And of course there are the Sun or Clouds or rain while I enjoying the air on my skin.

As I sat in awe on this glorious morning, I softly sang my love song… the names of God as a prayer I made up as I sang. Then as I quieted my mind and senses, stilling myself, I sat, as One with the Universe, not distracted by the cars, trains, ducks, birds, planes, river traffic all happening at once within my view.

I asked, “Mother, Father, God Creator, Universal Source of All that Is, Elohim, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Guides, Guardians, here for my highest good, what is this nagging in my belly, in my upper chest, this pervasive dread or despair or sadness that is overwhelming me today?”  I listened in silence, breathing steadily and consciously.

I listened, “DESPAIR, my beloved, the feeling of deep sadness that love is scarce, beholding and tenuous at best for most of those in ‘your kingdom’: they surround you, they are across the bridges, rivers, land, moving on the highways stretching before you; all those within in those cars, trains, boats, homes, apartments and buildings where thousands and thousands are doing their thing. They live in doubt and despair.”

I sit in silence, tears flowing down my cheeks, and I heard the lamenting of DESPAIR coming from ‘my kingdom’. I sobbed. I heard the Mother remind me, “It is your Kingdom, so raise your vibration into high gear and radiate Affluence/Abundance, Ease/Simplicity and Joy/Peace.   Be divine for all who are just beginning to learn this new energy of Love and Light. Your tenacious diligence is being demanded of You, to practice sacred devotions —breathing consciously and taking mindful moments– to be present to life’s offerings.  Live passionately, live from wisdom rather than mediocrity and lack, struggle and pain. Be vigilant. It takes time and reminders to release old patterns of lack, struggle and pain because love and light are missing for so many. Awaken everyone, my beloved, and know that you are the One.”

I exclaimed, “I am the One? What do you mean, Mother?”

“Yes, all conscious beings are the One and together as One, we will shift this planet’s energy to affluence/abundance, ease/simplicity and joy/peace; to be Love and be the Light.”

I sat quietly and pondered my kingdom’s energetic needs and my role for today. How will it get expressed today? Tomorrow … I live in that question each day.

I remind you to remember to take the time to breathe consciously! Prana breath or circular breathing… choose what ignites your inner strength… you’ll know. Remember to take time for silence at least 5 minutes and more each day!  It’s the gift you give yourself, I promise.

Today, tomorrow, remember to sit in SILENT MEDITATION so the voice of the inner Godhead [I call mine Shekinah, what do you call your in-dwelling God: Kuan Yin, Durga, Kali, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Jesus, Allah, Mohammad, God, Adonyae, Elohim], can be heard. It’s whispering to you, are you hearing her/him —“follow your intuition and live your Soul’s purpose —   bring your Light where there is darkness and your Love where love is missing.”

Have a blessed day my darlings… let me know what you are learning about your patterns that distract your Soul’s work, and what you are seeing in your conversations with God…

I love you dearly, JMA (jewish mama)


Being Divine in our Everyday Experiences and Challenges

Beloved, I was asked by one of my clients to guide a group of her women friends in a conversation for being divine.  It is such a joy for me. Each woman brings her own take on manifesting herself as Goddess — as her Soul’s purpose — igniting her curiosity and allowing it to take shape.

I’ve invited us to explore who we are. I said, “We aren’t who I thought we were: a body/mind. We are a Soul, an eternal energy, lent to a Human Body and its Mind for a lifetime of the human experience. The Soul is pure Love, here to expand the human experience.”

Together we tease out what it means to co-mingle the human beings’ aspects of “being-doing-having” and the Soul’s purpose to bring light where there is darkness — to bring love where love isn’t. Each of us is choosing different avenues to maneuver our divine Universal Being, our Soul/Goddess, in our everyday experiences and challenges.

“Who is the Goddess?” asked Laura M this week. What a great question and one of many I have dwelt in since 1969 when my friend Marilyn C called to say her husband, pilot Roy, had been killed when his helicopter carrying wounded soldiers was shot down in Vietnam. We were only 22 !   I cried, whaled really…knowing my own husband was in harm’s way,  Who am I? What is my life for? Could this be all there is?

Is That All There Is, sung by Peggy Lee, 1969

Is that all there is?
Is that all there is?
If that’s all there is my friends
Then let’s keep dancing
Let’s break out the booze and have a ball
Who or what was the inner voice that captured my heart and was beckoning me from time to time. When stillness prevailed and my mind stood quiet, I heard Her. The Goddess was awakening and my connection to Spirit was forming shape.

Now 45 years later, I listen for the voice within me …God, Spirit, Allah, Jesus, Shekinah… whomever She is called, whispering her love for me, ushering in new ideas and readying me for new opportunities. Pure love enveloping me and inviting me to play full out in bringing love and light, abundance, ease and joy into life… into this world too long suffering in lack, struggle and pain.

… more to come.